Support roles

Our dedicated team of hall staff are always there to support you. Learn about their roles.

Accommodation staff know the realities of living in a hall or flat and they are here to support you while you navigate your way through the university environment while living with others.

Residential advisers

Residential advisers (RAs) are senior students employed and trained by the University to support residents. You’ll be assigned to one of them and they are often your first point of contact if you need help. RAs are very approachable and enjoy having a chat anytime. They organise hall events and can arrange study groups.

RAs live on site and a duty RA is available daily after business hours to deal with matters that need an after-hours response and to support the night manager or duty manager if there is an emergency.

Restorative community

Our halls are restorative communities. This means every member is valued and feels they belong, where all contribute to the common good, and where conflict is handled in ways that promote accountability and repair.

Throughout the year, your RA will invite you to participate in restorative circles to strengthen relationships and improve communication on your floor. Your RA or hall manager will facilitate the circle using a ‘talking piece’ so that everyone has an equal opportunity to speak.

Head of hall

The head of hall is responsible for the management of the hall and the provision of academic and community-building leadership. All hall staff report to the head of hall, and as such they are tasked with ensuring staff are supported in order to respond to, and manage the academic, health, wellbeing, and safety needs of all residents.

Deputy head of hall

The deputy head of hall works with the head of hall to provide leadership and management within the hall environment. Their role includes assisting the coordination of the RA team and managing responses to resident behaviour. Their role is essential in building a sense of community and individual culture. The deputy head of hall also contributes to restorative and/or disciplinary processes. They also function as a conduit to the University's support services.

Night managers

Night managers work on-site outside of regular office hours, supporting the management team in the running of the hall. Their focus is on the health, welfare and safety of residents, as well as ensuring the security of hall buildings. The night manager will work in conjunction with the RAs to assist with duty rounds and address any incidents that may occur.

Student support coordinators

Student support coordinators are registered health professionals who are part of Mauri Ora—Student Health and Counselling. They are assigned to each hall, giving you easy access to confidential counselling support, and are available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm.

The coordinators have experience in helping students manage the demands of studying and living away from home. They liaise with faculties, student support services, and community services to ensure that residents get the support they need to reach their potential and achieve academic success.

They also work closely with hall staff to ensure health and wellbeing goals are understood and being met.

Office administrators

Office administrators work in the hall during daytime hours and manage all hall administration. Their role includes communicating with residents regarding hall instalments, setting up payment plans, responding to maintenance requests, and managing invoices.

University wide support

Explore our range of counselling, health, and recreation services:

Te Amaru—Disability Services provides advice, expertise, and support to students. They are committed to leading the University to be an inclusive education provider and eliminating barriers for people with disabilities wherever they exist.