Moving in, moving out

Read about your obligations as a resident in a Victoria University of Wellington hall, and the process of moving in and out.

Your obligations

Before you accept an offer of a place, read the contract and handbook carefully. You (and any guarantor) will be signing a legally binding contract. Always abide by the rules set out in the hall’s handbook.

Pay your fees and charges when they’re due, for the full term of you contract, unless the Head of Hall agrees to release you from it.

Show consideration towards other residents and neighbours, and their property, and participate in the communal life of that hall. Keep your room or flat reasonably clean, tidy and undamaged, and inform the hall staff directly of any maintenance issues or needed repairs.

Arriving early

Most places are booked out over the summer, so you can only arrive early if there is a vacancy. If there is a vacancy, you will pay one-seventh of the weekly rate each night. If there are no vacancies, you may need to book temporary accommodation. Contact the Accommodation Service for more information.

Arriving late

You will pay for your reserved place from the date your contract starts even if you arrive late. If you are replacing someone who is moving out, you will pay from the day you agreed to move in.


You should insure:

  • your belongings with content insurance
  • yourself against the risk of being held liable for intentional or careless damage to hall property with personal liability insurance.


Staying healthy and protecting yourself from preventable illness while you are studying at university is important.

It is recommended that all students are fully immunised against Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR), Meningococcal ACWY and Pertussis (Whooping Cough).

The Varicella immunisation is also recommended for students who have not had chicken pox the disease or have not already completed a course of the varicella immunisation.

There is a cost for the Meningococcal ACWY, Pertussis and Varicella immunisations. There is no cost for the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) immunisation.

If you are not able to have these immunisations before arriving on campus, you can arrange to get them at Student Health, ideally during Orientation Week. To book an appointment with Student Health, call +64 4 463 5308 or visit the Mauri Ora or Te Taunaki reception.

Moving out of a hall early

Living with a large number of people is a very different lifestyle. In first-year halls, plenty of activities are arranged for the first few weeks to ensure everyone gets to know each other. Most residents make new friends and settle in very quickly.

Moving away from home is a time of major adjustment. You can talk through any difficulties with a sympathetic listener, such as a friend or someone from our support staff.

It usually takes at least six weeks to adjust to a big move, so give yourself at least this amount of time before deciding to move out. Problems with your accommodation can usually be resolved by talking them through.

There will be the following financial implications if you withdraw after taking up residence:

  • The bond will be refunded (minus any charges for individual or communal damage).
  • There will be a further charge for breaking the contract.
  • You and your guarantor (if you have one) remain responsible for the accommodation fees unless (and until) a suitable replacement takes up residence.