Past Seminars 2009 to 2014

2014 tourism research seminars

8 Dec

Book Launches: Advances in Tourism Research:
The Future of Events and Festivals
Ian Yeoman, Martin Robertson, Karen Smith, Una McMahon-Beattie and Elisa Backer

Event Volunteering
Karen Smith, Leonie Lockstone-Binney, Kirsten Holmes and Tom Baum

The Tourism Education Futures Initiative
Darko Prebezac, Christian Schott and Pauline Sheldon. Details

22 October

Professor Doug Pearce: Destination Management in New Zealand: concepts and practice. Details

15 October

MTM Students: Research in progress presentations. Details

1 October

Journal of Tourism Futures Launch: Can Research Shape the Future of Tourism? Details 

10 September

Paul Chaplow: The Adventure and Activities Regulations (2011) Two months to deadline.Is the sector ready? Will it make any difference? Details

6 August

Ina Reichenberger:  Social interactions between visitors in New Zealand. Details

23 July

Sonya Van De Geer:   Air services agreements and New Zealand connectivity with rest of the world. Details

21 May

Rebecca Burson and Vij Kooyela: MBIE’s Regional Tourism Statistics & Tourism Sector Outlook. Details

7 May

Dr Ian Yeoman:  Emerging Trends That Could Shape the Future of Tourist Behaviour. Details

19 March

Trisha Dwyer: Tourism development in Timor-Leste: aspirations of international standards. Details

2013 Tourism research seminars

23 October

Lan Nguyen & My Tran: Tourism Management, School of Management, Victoria University of Wellington. Abstract

9 October

Robyn Henderson: Manager Tourism Policy, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment. Abstract

25 September

Christian Schott: Tourism Management, Victoria University of Wellington. Abstract

21 August

Dr Lee Davidson: Senior Lecturer, Museum & Heritage Studies, Victoria University of Wellington. Abstract

7 August

Fergus Brown: Chief Executive of the Holiday Accommodation Parks Association of NZ (HAPNZ). Abstract

10 July

Cyril Peter: School of Business and Information Management, Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec). Abstract

26 June

Dr Ian Yeoman & Dr Karen Smith: Tourism Management, School of Management' Victoria University of Wellington. Abstract

12 June

Dr Valentina Dinica: Senior Lecturer in Public Policy, School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington. Abstract

15 May

David Perks: CEO, Positively Wellington Tourism. Abstract

1 May

Paul Yeo: i-Site Executive Manager, Tourism New Zealand. Abstract

20 March

Professor Doug Pearce: Tourism Management, Victoria University of Wellington. Presentation

10 April

Andrew Johnston: Programme Officer Vanuatu/Solomon Islands, Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA). Presentation

2012 Tourism research seminars

3 October 2012

Dr Ian Yeoman, Victoria University of Wellington

19 September 2012

Wendy London,

12 September 2012

Marcela Palomino, Victoria University of Wellington. Abstract

22 August 2012

Dr Karen Smith, Victoria University of Wellington. Abstract

8 August 2012

Richard Singleton, Eco Pocket New Zealand.  
Throwing away the future: Hotel food waste and the tourism commons. Abstract

7 June 2012

Kevin Ward, New Zealand Airports. Abstract

24 May 2012

Virak Sarm (MTM student), Victoria University of Wellington. Abstract

10 May 2012

Prof. Doug Pearce, Victoria University of Wellington. Destinations and destination management: Concepts and implications. Abstract

26 April 2012

Dr Adam Weaver, Victoria University of Wellington.
The Politics of Tourism (Mis)management: Expense Accounts, Transparency, Untendered Contracts, and Conflicts of Interest at the Niagara Parks Commission. Abstract

29 March 2012

Dr Christian Schott, Victoria University of Wellington.
Virtual fieldtrips and sustainable tourism education: an exploratory examination. Abstract

15 March 2012

Lesley Immink. Tourism and the Distribution Channel. Tourism Export Council of New Zealand. Presentation

2011 Tourism research seminars

13 September 2011

Dr. John Moriaty. Presentation

16 August 2011

Prof. Regina Scheyvens. Abstract Slides

2 August 2011

Prof. Catherine Cleophas. Abstract

6 June 2011

Dr Ian Yoeman and Dr Karen Smith. Abstract

19 May 2011

Victoria Liu. Abstract

07 April  2011

Prof. Enrique Ortega. Abstract Presentation

24 March 2011

Dr Trevor Sofield. Abstract

10 March 2011

Dr John Robinson, Consultant. Abstract 

2010 Tourism research seminars

6 October 2010

Dr. Valentina Dinica, School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington. Abstract

22 September 2010

Associate Professor Carolin Funck, Hiroshima University Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences. Abstract

8 September 2010

Prof. Larry Dwyer, University of New South Wales. Abstract

11 August 2010

Kevin Bowler, Tourism New Zealand. Abstract

28th July 2010

Susanne Becken, Associate Professor, Lincoln University of New Zealand. Abstract

14 July 2010

Geoff Ensor, Tourism Industry Association New Zealand. Abstract

12 May 2010

Associate Professor Dianne Dredge, School of Tourism & Hospitality Management, (Southern Cross University).
With or without you: Tourism networks, governance and collaboration.
With or Without You - Presentation

5 May 2010

Arthur Klapp, Chief Executive, Winter Games NZ and Managing Director, Sports Impact Ltd.
The 100% Pure New Zealand Winter Games and Event Tourism.
Winter Games 2009 Report
Events Tourism Presentation

21 April 2010

Prof Doug Pearce (Victoria University of Wellington). Trends and Advances in International Tourism Research. Abstract

24 March 2010

Dr Ian Yeoman (Victoria University of Wellington). Who will be the Future Tourist? Abstract
For more information on Tourism Research: a 20:20 vision click here.

10 March 2010

Ross Clapcott Chief Advisor. Ministry of Tourism- NZ tourism and our international air linkages: emerging policy perspectives and challenges. Abstract

2009 Tourism research seminars

21 October 2009

Dr Ian Yeoman  (Victoria University of Wellington). How New Zealand Wins the Rugby World Cup in 2050?  Dr Ian Yeoman talks about How New Zealand wins the Rugby World Cup in 2050?

6 October 2009

Dr Karen Smith (Victoria University of Wellington). Future of Volunteers. Dr Karen Smith talks about 'The future of Volunteers in Tourism'.

22 September 2009

Dr Ben Vinod Chief Scientist.
Trends in Airline Distribution, Revenue Management and Seat Inventory. Dr Ben Vinod of Sabre Holding talks about
10 trends shaping Airline Revenue Management and Distribution

8 September 2009

Prof Colleen Ward (Victoria University of Wellington).
Tourism as a Neglected Topic of Study for Cross-Cultural Psychologists. Prof Colleen Ward of Victoria University of Wellington talks about  the application of cross cultural psychology research and tourism.

25 August 2009

Heike Schaenzel.The New Zealand family holiday: Exploring gender, generation, and group dynamics.
Hieke Schaenzel discusses her  PhD findings on family holidays in New Zealand.

29 July 2009

Jonathan Coleman  - Associate Minister for Tourism  - Future of Tourism in New Zealand.
Listen to Associate Minister of Tourism, Dr Jonathan Coleman discuss the ' Future of Tourism in New Zealand'

25 June 2009

Elisa Backer (University of Ballarat) - VFR Travellers of the Future.
Listen to Elisa Backer talk about the ' Future of Visiting Friends and Relatives'

14 June 2009

Julia Albrecht  (Victoria University of Wellington) - Tourism Policy Research and Political Studies: Influences, Recent Advances and Future Opportunities. Listen to Dr Julia Albrecht discuss the  Tourism Policy and Political Sciences.

5 May 2009

Enrique Ortega (University Complutense of Madrid ) - Golf Tourism: Can the Spanish Experience be Applied to New Zealand? Listen to Enrique Ortega talk about  ' Golf Tourism. Can the Spanish Experience be Applied to New Zealand?'.

20 May 2009

Martin Robertson (Victoria University, Melbourne) - Festivals and Events as narrative of the future city: Case studies:  Edinburgh, the festival city and Melbourne, the event capital.

7 April 2009

Dr. Rachel Dodds (Ryderson University, Canada) - Sustainable Tourism - is there a future?

24 March 2009

Ian Yeoman (Victoria University of Wellington) - US Demographics and GrandTraveller's.