NZRR Project Stage One

Various photos of stage one workshops

The purpose of stage one was to identify the regulatory problems and challenges that arose in each of the chosen regulatory areas. Initially the authors conducted the necessary background research in order to identify the main issues in their respective fields. These findings were presented at a number of interdisciplinary workshops.

The workshops were held between 1 November 2010 to February 2011.

  1. Regulation of Therapeutics – A Focus on the Trans-Tasman Relationship
  2. Specialist Bodies, Ministers and the Courts
  3. Networked Industry Case Studies: Electricity and Telecommunications
  4. Free Trade Agreements and Regulatory Autonomy
  5. Labour Regulation, Shareholder Protection and Creditor Protection
  6. Wider International Cooperation Structure
  7. Trans-Tasman Intellectual Property Coordination
  8. Approaches to Regulating Foreign Investment in New Zealand
  9. Competition Law and Policy
  10. Public Participation and Regulation
  11. The Rights Framework in a Regulated/De-regulated Environment
  12. Possibilities and Pitfalls of Comparative Analysis of Property Rights Protections, and the Canadian Regime of Legal Protection against Takings.
  13. Regulation of Consumer Financial Products
  14. Decision-making Framework for Consumer Policymakers: Defining the Issues and Challenges
  15. The building industry (Leaky Homes)
  16. Tax and the rule of law and democracy

Stage one concluded at the end of 2011 with publication of the book 'Learning from the Past, Adapting for the Future: Regulatory Reform in New Zealand' (LexisNexis 2011). The book was successfully launched at a well attended function in Wellington by the Hon John Banks, Minister of Regulatory Reform in February 2012.