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A compiled list of relevant regulatory reform resources.

National Regulatory Developments

International Guidelines on Regulatory Reform

ASEAN Integration and Harmonisation

Asian Integration -Towards and Asian Economic Community (Book 2010 published by ADB)

In continuation of the work on Asian economic integration done by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the ADB Institute, this book takes stock of existing institutions for regional integration in Asia and the Pacific and discusses the need for institutional innovation and reform in moving toward the creation of an Asian economic community.

Trans Tasman Trade and Investment Relations

Investment Protocol 17 February 2011

Under the Investment Protocol, Australian investors will continue to be subject to the same rules under New Zealand's overseas investment regime as all other investors, but will enjoy a higher monetary screening threshold for investments in "significant business assets" than other foreign investors. For Australian firms investing in New Zealand, the threshold will increase from NZ$100 million to NZ$477 million

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Negotiations

International Regulatory Developments


Consumer Protection

Leaky Homes Crisis

Regulatory Responsibility Standards Bill