• Date: Thursday, 9 November
  • Speaker: Dr Stephen Noakes

The Bronze Drum culture of the Li and Lao and ethnic relations in early South China (200-750 CE)

  • Date: Wednesday, 18 October
  • Speaker: Dr Catherine Churchman

New Zealand - China FTA: Definition Matters

  • Date: Thursday, 28 September
  • Speaker: Dr Ruiping Ye

‘Geo-developmentalism’: Theorising China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ Initiative

  • Date: Thursday, 17 August
  • Speaker: Professor Gerald Chan

Toward A Yin-Yang Perspective of Relational (Guanxi) Gatekeeping in China

  • Date: Thursday, 27 July
  • Speaker: Dr Hongzhi Gao

Leader Cults: Propaganda or Rituals?

  • Date: Thursday, 15 June
  • Speaker: Dr Xavier Marquez

China and TPP: Rule Making and Trade Gains

  • Date: Thursday, 18 May
  • Speaker: Associate Professor Liqiang Yang

Exploring China's Foreign Aid and Triangular Aid Cooperation in Asia-Pacific

  • Date: Wednesday, 5 April
  • Speaker: Denghua Zhang

China and Europe along the Belt and Road

  • Date:Thursday, 30 March
  • Speaker: Dr Marc Lanteigne