The Art of Business: A history of Chinese commerce

Date: Tuesday, 5 June 2018

5 - 6pm

RH 102, Rutherford House, Pipitea Campus,  Victoria University of Wellington


China is on track to becoming the world’s largest economy, yet, Westerners still have a poor understanding of this giant. Business educators commonly reach for Sun Tzu’s Art of War, but this is a military text.

To understand Chinese commerce, we need to understand the Art of Business.  This book explains Chinese business in history; the strategies and practices by which Chinese merchants became rich.  It also gives us valuable insight in to the way that Chinese business evolved.  This presentation will focus on:

  1. The Tang/Song commercial revolution.
  2. Strategies used by merchants
  3. The Ceramics Industry
  4. Business advice in Merchant Manuals

By examining the past, we can better understand the future in which China will once again stand like a giant.

About the speaker

Dr Greg Clydesdale lectures at Lincoln University and specialises in economic growth and welfare.  He believes that history and psychology are important to understand economic processes (in contrast to the statistical approaches dominant today).  His interest in China grew after his Phd examined why countries get rich and poor again. His other books include: Waves of Prosperity: India, China and the West, Human Nature: A guide to managing workplace relationships, Entrepreneurial Opportunity: The right place at the right time, The Politically Correct Economy.

The Art of Business: A history of Chinese commerce (PDF)

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