Power, Shared Ideas, and Order Transition: China, the United States, and the creation of the

Date: Thursday, 10 October
Speaker: Dr Amy King, Senior Lecturer, College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University

Caring for “lonely children”: A socio-legal analysis of orphan welfare in China

Date: Wednesday, 11 September
Speaker: Dr Anna High, Lecturer in Law, University of Otago

Uyghur Activism in the Interwar Middle East

Date: Wednesday, 21 August
Speaker: Dr David Brophy, Senior Lecturer in Modern Chinese History, The University of Sydney

Chinese Revolutionary Culture: Optimism under Socialism and Capitalism

Date: Monday, 19 August
Speaker: Professor Wendy Larson, Professor, Modern Chinese Literature and Film, University of Oregon

Balancing Justice and Speed: Dilemmas in reforms to prosecution of minor crime in China

Date: Tuesday, 28 May
Speaker: Professor Sarah Biddulph, Assistant Deputy Vice Chancellor International – China, Professor of Law, and Director of Asian Law Centre, Melbourne, The University of Melbourne

The Gate of Heavenly Peace 30 Years On

Date: Wednesday, 15 May & Thursday, 16 May
Speaker: Emeritus Professor Geremie R. Barmé, Emeritus Professor of Chinese History at Australian National University and the co-founder of the Wairarapa Academy for New Sinology.

China's rise: Prosperity, Power, Pushback

Date: Wednesday, 27 March
Speakers: Associate Professor Jane Golley, Director, Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW),  Australian National University and Dr Lili Song, Lecturer in Law, University of Otago

Fighting with China

Date: Wednesday, 13 March
Speaker: Richard McGregor, Senior Fellow, Lowy Institute, Australia

Europe’s changing debate on China

Date: Tuesday, 5 March
Speaker: Dr Gudrun Wacker, Senior Fellow, German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Berlin