China—US Relations In Global Perspective

China—US Relations in Global Perspective
Edited by Bo Zhiyue, Victoria University Press 2016. ISBN: 978-1-77656-090-5
Book cover China—US Relations in Global Perspective
China—US Relations in Global Perspective features world-class scholars and practitioners from China, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and other countries on issues related to the bilateral relationship, and is based on an international conference that was held on 8-9 October 2015, immediately after Chinse President Xi Jinping’s first state visit to the United States in September 2015. The book not only looks at China — US relations from the perspectives of the two giants but also offers an opportunity to examine the bilateral relationship from third parties such as countries in the Asia—Pacific region and Oceania.


The China—US Bilateral Relationship

1. The China—US Relationship matters Wang Lutong
2. US—China Relationship Mark Gilbert
3. China—US Relations after Xi Jinping’s state visit to the US Wu Jianmin
4. Beyond Hegemony: The US—China Relationship in a Multi—Nodal World Brantly Nomack
5. Two Roads, But One Destination? Shao Yuqun
6. Xi Jinping's US policy: Building a ‘New Type of Major—Country Relationship’ Bo Zhiyue

China—US Economic Relations and the New World Economic Order

7. China’s New Silk Roads: A New Global Financial Order in the Making? Gerald Chan
8. The Multilateral Development Banks: Innovation or Stagnation? Susan Park
9.What the AIIB Means for the Development Finance System? A view of China—US Relations Qiyuan Xu, Bei Gao and Dongmin Liu

Perspectives of Asian Countries

10. The American Factor in Japan—China Relations Akio Takahara
11.What do the United States and China Present to South Korea? Jaewoo Choo
12. Managing the Hermit Kingdom: China, North Korea and the Art of Strategic Patience Jingdong Yuan
13. Rethinking Great Power Rivalry: US, China and the Challenge of Nuclear Proliferation in North Korea and Iran   Robert G. Patman and Laura Southgate
14. Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold: A Vietnamese Perspective on China—US Relations Carlyle A.Thayer
15. The US—China—India Strategic Triangle Manjeet S.Pardesi

Pacific Perspectives

16. China and the US: Trading Arrangements in a Post TPP—World Crawford Falconer
17. Making Trans—Pacific Friends: New Zealand, China, and the United States Steven Jacobi
18. How Robust is New Zealand's China—US Strategy? Robert Ayson

The Future of China—US Relations
Bo Zhiyue, Wang Gungu, Wu Jianmin, Charles Morrison, Bob Carr, Robert Ayson, Robert Sutter