Associate Member Institutions

Universities selected to be Associate Members support the Centre’s work, provide access, resources and opportunities for programmes and activities in China.

Universities and research institutions outside New Zealand, especially those that have existing research relationships with the New Zealand University Members, may be invited to become Associate Members of the Centre. The Associate Members are primarily institutions of high standing in China, but may include institutions with a strong programme of contemporary China research in other countries. Associate Members of the Centre are invited to sign an agreement to participate in the Centre.

The Associate Member Institutions support the work of the Centre, and provide access, resources and opportunities for Centre’s programmes and activities in China. They participate in the Centre’s annual conferences and symposia, collaborative research projects, visiting fellowship programme and students and staff exchanges programmes, as well as the MA and PhD scholarship programmes, available through the Centre. Every effort is made to ensure that the visiting fellows at the Centre, and the speakers at the annual conference, spend time at each of the New Zealand Member universities.

Currently, the Associate Member Institutions are (in alphabetical order):