Advisory Board

The Centre’s Advisory Board includes representatives from organisations with a substantial interest in contemporary China, and meets twice a year.

The Advisory Board includes representatives of organisations (including government departments) with a substantial interest in contemporary China. The Director, Associate Directors, and the Pro Vice-Chancellor (WFHSS) of Victoria University of Wellington are ex officio members of the Board.


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Tony Browne

Tony Browne

Executive Chairman
New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre

Pro Vice Chancellor Humanities and Education · The org unit includes the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Faculty of Education
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

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Charles Finny

Chairman Education New Zealand

Suzannah Jessep profile-picture photograph

Suzannah Jessep

Director- Engagement and Research Asia New Zealand Foundation

Deborah Geels profile-picture photograph

Deborah Geels

Director North Asia Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade

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Dr Peter Mumford

Director, Trade and International Environment branch Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Mike Arand profile-picture photograph

Mike Arand

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

Danni Thian profile-picture photograph

Danni Thian

Senior Analyst, International The Treasury