Discover the way that the research centre is structured and the scope of each part of the partnership.


The New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre—Kōmara Kura is a partnership between eight New Zealand universities—Victoria University of Wellington, with the University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology, University of Canterbury, Lincoln University, Massey University, University of Otago and the University of Waikato. Victoria University of Wellington serves as the host of the Centre.

Directors and management

The Centre is managed by a Director who is appointed by Victoria University of Wellington, and who acts in consultation with Associate Directors nominated by each Member University. Associate Directors’ research interests are closely aligned with the work of the Centre.

Advisory board

The Centre’s Advisory Board includes representatives of organisations (including government departments) with a substantial interest in contemporary China. The Director, Associate Directors, and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (WFHSS) of Victoria University of Wellington are ex officio members of the Board.

Associate member institutions

Universities and research institutions outside New Zealand may be invited to become Associate Members of the Centre. The Associate Members are primarily institutions of high standing in China, but may include institutions with a strong programme of contemporary China research in other countries.

International Advisory Board

The Centre also has an International Advisory Board. Membership on the International Advisory Board includes representatives of the Associate Member Institutions and scholars of international standing on contemporary Chinese economics, law, political science and international relations. Members of the International Advisory Board provide advice on the working of the Centre in its relationship with the international community of China studies and with universities and research institutions in China in particular.

Research Associates

The Centre appoints Research Associates, who are scholars with an active interest in contemporary China research and who can make an active contribution to the Centre. Research Associates are appointed by the Director after consultation with the Associate Directors.