China Centre Research Fellows

The Centre has a substantial Research Fellow Programme with invited and applied individuals from New Zealand, overseas universities and research institutions.

The China Centre has a substantial Research Fellow Programme with invited and applied research fellows from New Zealand universities and overseas universities and research institutions whose research interests and activities contribute to the Centre's mission of promoting research on contemporary China in New Zealand. There are several different types of Research Fellows.

Senior Fellows

Senior fellows are nominated by member universities of The China Centre, based on their contributions to the scholarship of China studies and to building the understanding and knowledge of China in academic institutions, the public sector and the business community in New Zealand.

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Senior Research Fellows

Senior Research Fellows hold a high standing in the international and national community of contemporary China studies with an active and influential research programme on contemporary China and, through their work and activities at the Centre, make significant contributions to the advance of contemporary China studies in New Zealand.

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Research Fellows

The Centre appoints Research Fellows, who are scholars in New Zealand with an active interest in contemporary China research and who make active contributions to the Centre's programmes and projects. Research Fellows lead and coordinate individual research projects.

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Visiting Research Fellows

The China Centre hosts a certain number of Visiting Research Fellows each year from other universities and Research Centres. These Visiting Research Fellows usually spend one month to a year in residency at the China Centre, conducting substantive research work, participating in the Centre's research activities, publishing Research Papers and Working Papers for the Centre, contributing to the international research profile of the China Centre.

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Research Associates

Research Associates are practitioners or scholars with a demonstrable research interest relevant to the Centre's activities.