The Chinese Diaspora in New Zealand: Conditions and Contestations of Cultural Citizenship

Date: Thursday 18  November
Speaker: Professor Yiyan Wang

The problems of Gung Ho: Rewi Alley and the Chinese Industrial Cooperatives (CIC) Movement, 1938 – 2021

Date: Thursday 28  October
Speaker: Dr Pauline Keating

Power and Authority? People’s Daily Writing on the US-China Trade Dispute

Date: Thursday 14  October
Speaker: Associate Professor Jason Young

Living in Dangerous Times: Huang Zongxi and his Friends

Date: Thursday 30 September
Speaker: Duncan Campbell

Taiwan and U.S-P.R.C. Relations: A Former Practitioners Views

Date: Thursday 16 September
Speaker: Ford Hart Jr.

Hong Kong, The Best China, the survival of the civilised Chinese literature of leisure and sentiment, the biji tradition

Date: Thursday 2 September (postponed to 2022 due to Covid)
Speaker: Professor John Minford

National Correspondent 

Date: Tuesday 18 May
Speaker: Lucy Craymer

The Trump Administration and the United States' China Post 1972 Engagement Policy

Date: Friday 9 April
Speaker: Associate Professor Nicholas Khoo

Modern Art for a Modern China: A Chinese Intellectual Project

Date: Thursday 25 March
Speaker: Professor Yiyan Wang