China’s Multipolarity Discourse and US-China Rivalry

Date: Tuesday, 6 June
Speaker: Associate Professor Nicholas Khoo

Southeast Asia between China and the United States

Date: Thursday, 29 June
Speaker: Professor Natasha Hamilton Hart

China and the Liberal International Order (1978-2018)

Date: Thursday, 14 July
Speaker: Professor Xiaoming Huang

How does US-China decoupling impact business businesses in third markets? Corporate responses in the semiconductor industry

Date: Thursday 10 August
Speaker: Associate Professor Hongzhi Gao

The Water Issue in China-India Relations and Its Impact on the US Indo-Pacific Strategy

Date: Friday 13 October
Speakers:  Dr. Antonina Luszczykiewicz &  Dr. Patrick Mendis

State vs Market Tensions in Australian Economic Statecraft

Date: Thursday 19 October
Speaker: Dr Darren Lim

Looking South:  imperial China's view of a leading regional neighbour

Date: Tuesday 14 November
Speaker: Dr Peter Harris