China and TPP: Rule Making and Trade Gains

Date: Thursday, 18 May

Venue: RH 104, Rutherford House, Victoria University (map)

Speaker: Associate Professor Liqiang Yang


In January this year, the US president Trump declared that US would quit the TPP agreement accomplished just one year ago. Where should TPP go after the US decision to quit? Is it possible for China to embrace the TPP? Associate Professor Liqiang Yang from China will discuss the above topics from the angles of rulemaking and trade gains. Professor Yang argues that TPP is a success of the US strategies concerning the rule making about FTA/RTA whether TPP dies or not. Furthermore, as a trade and investment giant in the world, China also needs part of the TPP rules in the future.

About the speaker

Liqiang Yang, PhD. in economics, associate professor at the Institute of International Economy (IIE), University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in China, director in charge of the Research Department of China Foreign Trade and Economics, research fellow of China’s FTA Strategies Institute, UIBE.

To register, please email Lai Ching, or call 04 463 9549.