Text Technologies

As a student, there are a number of Text Technologies courses you can take to get involved with Wai-te-ata Press.

Text Technologies

From cave painting to Kindle, explore books and printed texts in all their myriad forms—both historical and contemporary—and their influence across cultures and society.

See how these forms of text have endured and evolved, and discover the technology used to create them. In Text Technology courses, you'll have opportunities to get hands-on experience in the printery at Victoria University of Wellington's Wai-te-Ata Press. Some courses include an introduction to digital tools and techniques for critical and creative storytelling.

The University offers a carefully chosen selection of Text Technology courses. They aren't available as a major or minor, but you can take them as an enhancement or extension to your main subject, or as an elective in many disciplines. They go especially well with Linguistics, Media Studies, Architecture, Design, History, English, Theatre, Music and languages.

If you want fascinating insights into the transmission of human knowledge, Text Technologies is for you.

Charlotte Darling, Bachelor of Arts with Honours student in Linguistics taking TXTT 401

"For me, the joy of studying print culture is that it is language-made material."

- Charlotte Darling, Bachelor of Arts with Honours student in Linguistics taking TXTT 401

Undergraduate and Honours Text Technologies courses

TXTT201 - Print, Communication and Culture

An introduction to the history of books, print and textual transmission in western, eastern, and indigenous cultures.

TXTT301 - Special Topic: Entangled Print Cultures, Canada in the British World

Explore the transnational dimension of book history through a comparative study of printing, publishing, and reading in settler colonies of the British world.

TXTT401 - Print Culture Aotearoa / New Zealand

A critical examination of key issues in contemporary print culture theory and research.