The Voice of Kaishu: A typographic journey

Visit the exhibition 'The Voice of Kaishu: a typographic journey' from 10am-4pm, 14 September to 26 October, 2022 at Wai-te-ata Press.

About the exhibition

Language becomes visible through letterforms. The exhibition The Voice of Kaishu: a typographic journey 「楷書: 字體源流之旅」will foreground the place of typography in Taiwanese culture and trace the historic use of kaishu in Taiwan and New Zealand.

In Taiwan, letterpress fonts used for everyday expression belie deep cultural roots. One of these fonts, kaishu, was adopted in the early twentieth century as the de facto face of Taiwan and its people. Kaishu was also the font of choice for the Dominion Federation of New Zealand Chinese Commercial Growers in their publication The New Zealand Chinese Growers Journal, the de facto voice of the New Zealand Chinese community in the mid-twentieth century.

Upcoming events

Kaishu font walk

From 28 Sep-12 Oct, take yourself on a self-guided font walk through Wellington. Discover examples of kaishu in the city, and pause at participating bubble tea houses to view work printed with the Chinese heritage types.

Maps available from 28 Sep

Film screening & talk

On Fri 30 Sep, watch Hanzi, a documentary about modern Chinese typography, as part of the Asian Aotearoa Arts 2022 program at Massey CoCA. This screening is followed by a talk about the Chinese types at Wai-te-ata Press.

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Type cleaning sessions

These weekly Wednesday sessions are opportunities to take a break from busy digital lives, enjoy the tactility of type, and contribute towards the creation of a community-facing letterpress studio.

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Past events

Film screening: Hanzi

On Wed 14 Sept, watch a feature-length documentary exploring international design, visual culture and identity through the lens of modern Chinese typography.

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Making changes to a locked up forme of metal type on National Poetry Day.

Workshop: National Poetry Day

Use historic Chinese and English metal types to make collaborative letterpress prints for National Poetry Day.

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Workshop: Chinese typography 101

Gain insight into hanzi, one of the most used scripts in the world, and equip yourself with the basic principles of Chinese typography. Apply your learnings and typeset with our heritage hanzi types.

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The Voice of Kaishu: a typographic journey 「楷書: 字體源流之旅」and related events are generously supported by the Spotlight Taiwan program, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan.