Subjects offered

Accounting, Commercial Law, and Taxation are the subjects taught by the School of Accounting and Commercial Law.

The School of Accounting and Commercial Law (SACL) at Victoria University of Wellington is responsible for teaching subjects offered as both majors and core courses within the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom).


Accounting is often referred to as the language of business, and is a vital aspect of any organisation. At Victoria University of Wellington, you will not be exposed to endless repetitive calculations or bookkeeping exercises. We teach in a manner that focuses on the ideas behind accounting which will help you develop valuable skills.

Commercial Law

The law affects all business activity. Commercial Law at Victoria University of Wellington provides a grounding in the modern law of commerce by offering a range of courses to broaden your understanding of many areas of commerce including accounting, marketing, human resources, e-Commerce, management, taxation, finance, public policy, and industrial relations.


The impact of taxation is a key aspect of financial and corporate decision-making. No person or business wants to pay more tax than they are legally obliged to. An understanding of tax is, therefore, a vital component of a commerce degree, especially in accounting. The School offers a range of up-to-date taxation courses that will broaden your understanding of domestic and international taxation.

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