Julia Kennerley

Julie likes how during the first year, while completing seven core courses, students can experiment before committing to a particular programme.

I really like how during the first year of studying Commerce at Victoria University of Wellington, students complete seven core courses, which allows them to experiment and try out everything before having to commit to a particular study programme. I tried out both Marketing and Management in my first year and decided to continue with them, as they give me a creative outlet. However, in my second year I studied an accounting course which I loved—it’s really exciting to analyse how businesses work and how they can best profit. After completing this course, I decided to also work towards an Accounting major.

I loved my first year—I met so many new people, made new life-long friends and enjoyed everything that student life had to offer. The biggest opportunity given to me by the University was my overseas exchange at Lancaster University in the UK. The courses that I completed there were crossed back over to my degree in Wellington. This was an amazing way to see the world and meet new people.

I played netball for the University, and this was a great experience as it was an opportunity to keep fit and meet new friends. It is best to try absolutely everything—new subjects, new clubs, new sports—because this is a great way to meet new people and really throw yourself into university life.