Information for visitors

The Law School welcomes applications to its Visitors Programme. The School has a long established and internationally recognised reputation for excellence in legal scholarship and research. It has research strengths in public law, various areas of private law (particularly contract law, taxation law, intellectual property law and competition law), criminal law and justice, international law, indigenous rights and human rights, Māori law and comparative law. Research is supported by its leading research centres and law journals.

The Law School is located in the renovated Old Government Buildings in downtown Wellington, steeped in the history of New Zealand law and policy-making and surrounded by the three branches of government. We have a lively interchange of ideas with government and the legal profession that offers a unique experience in New Zealand. The city of Wellington offers a vibrant and exciting environment socially and culturally as well as intellectually and politically.

Every year, the Law School welcomes a number of visiting scholars and practitioners who wish to spend some time in Wellington for research purposes. Visitors are based at the Law School normally for a minimum of two weeks. Preference may be given to periods of one academic trimester (our trimesters respectively run from March to June, July to October and November to February). Visitors are expected to pursue a specific research project while at the Law School and both to deliver and participate in research seminars and public events. During teaching periods, visitors, with permission of the lecturers, may attend courses taught within the Law School.

A dedicated room with shared computer facilities is at the disposal of the visitors, who will be granted printing, photocopying, Internet and library access privileges during their stay at the Law School. A flat fee may be charged for the use of the facilities.

The School does not provide financial support for travel, accommodation, living expenses and medical insurance cover. Visitors are responsible for ensuring that they have the correct travel documentation, including visas.

Admission criteria

Due to space constraints and resource limitations, only a small number of visitors can be accommodated at any time. In the selection process, the Law School considers the nature of the proposal, the expected duration of the research and prior academic or professional experience.

Interested scholars and practitioners are invited to read carefully the terms and conditions and to apply as much in advance as possible.

The deadlines for applications are as follows:

  • 30 October for Trimester 1 of the following academic year
  • 30 April for Trimester 2 of the current academic year
  • 30 August for Trimester 3 of the current academic year.

Application procedure

Applications will be considered by the Visitors and Events Committee. Applications that do not follow the procedure below will not be processed.

Please refer to the New Zealand Immigration website to find out about the current restrictions on entry into New Zealand.

The following information will be required in the application:

  1. A completed Law School Visitors Programme Application Form.
  2. A proposed research statement of no more than 500 words.
  3. A biographical statement of no more than 250 words.
  4. An updated curriculum vitae, including a list of publications.

In addition, applicants may be required to submit:

  1. A statement indicating that they have sufficient fluency and command of oral English to enable them to participate actively in research seminars and public events throughout the period of their stay.
  2. A statement to the effect that they have sufficient funds to cover expenses for the duration of their stay.

Completed applications should be sent by email to