Postgraduate PSIR

Discover the range of postgraduate options in Political Science and International Relations—including PhDs and Masters degrees by coursework or research.

Bachelor of Arts with Honours

Enhance your Bachelor's degree with advanced study and research in Political Science or International Relations.

Graduate Diploma in Arts

Prepare yourself to study Political Science or International Relations at postgraduate level, or study a new subject and enhance your career prospects.

Master of Arts

Build on your Honours degree in Political Science or International Relations with advanced study and research at Master's level.

Master of International Relations

Enhance your ability to analyse complex geopolitical issues. Study a one-year specialist International Relations programme and take your career global.

Master of Migration Studies

Take an in-depth look at the causes and effects of migration with postgraduate study, and boost your career opportunities.

Master of Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Combine philosophy, politics, and economics in this unique Master's degree and prepare for a career making change in politics, government, or related fields.

Master of Political Science

Dig deeper into the discipline of political science and advance your career in the wider world of politics and public affairs.

Master of Strategic Studies

Develop a deep practical and theoretical understanding of the ways power is exercised. Explore how conflict is managed and security maintained across the globe.


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