View near Auckland—three Māoris [sic] and a dog by Charles Emilius Gold


Study History in the nation's capital and be a witness to power. Learn about the past so you can better understand the present and future.

The study of the past poses urgent and intriguing questions

Understanding the past informs the present, and a deep historical awareness prepares you to be an informed global citizen.

Satisfy your curiosity and develop new questions in History courses taught by researchers who are increasing our knowledge about past societies. In learning about peoples and places, you will broaden your cultural awareness while strengthening your analytical and rhetorical skills.

History staff

Find contact details and links to profiles for History staff at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington.

History courses

Explore the wide range of History and history-related courses offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Undergraduate History

Find out about studying History at undergraduate level.

Postgraduate History

Complete postgraduate study with scholars who specialise in a range of historical fields, with expertise in cultural, economic, social, and political history.

History postgraduate students

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History prizes and scholarships

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History secondary schools outreach programme

Find out about our History outreach programme for high-school students.

History research

The historians at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington specialise in the early modern and modern periods.

Careers in History

History graduates have skills in analysing, interpreting, and presenting complex information—skills they use in a wide range of work settings.

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