History Master's Scholarship Fund

Support our History students with their Master's studies.

Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington is ranked among the top 1% of universities worldwide for History. We combine a vibrant research culture with access to the best research archives in New Zealand. Our internationally recognised academic staff specialise in a diverse range of topics—from the slave trade to clothing and nationalism, empire and religion, the early modern history of science, and much more.

History postgraduate students develop many marketable skills and are highly sought after for a wide range of careers in government and the private sector. Each year our budding historians organise the New Historians' Conference, the only history postgraduate conference in New Zealand.

Scholarships help attract and keep talented students and researchers and support them to continue their academic journey with less stress and financial burden. Money from scholarships helps cover the costs of accommodation, food, books, materials, and transport.

“There are very few scholarships available to our talented and dedicated graduates. Without scholarships we risk losing excellent Master’s students and the chance to create great research,” says Professor Charlotte Macdonald.

Master’s student Josh King, who received a scholarship for his Master’s study, says, “After five years of undergraduate study plus an Honours year, I don’t think that doing a Master’s degree would have been realistic for me without a scholarship.”

“Master’s level is a critical step that can determine what you want to do with your life. It’s the gateway to a lot of careers,” Josh says.

Scholarships can transform a student’s life, allowing them to create great futures for themselves, their whānau, and our society. By supporting scholarships, you give more future historians the opportunity to fulfil their potential, make a positive contribution to our communities, and continue high-quality research projects.