Parliamentary Internship Programme 2021

The Parliamentary Internship Programme is open to applications from postgraduate students enrolled in various programmes.

2020 Parliamentary Internship Programme
2020 Parliamentary Internship Programme participants with the Speaker and the interns' MPs in the Legislative Council Chamber

Applications are being considered for participation in the 2021 Parliamentary Internship Programme, which is in its 22nd year. The programme is open to applications from postgraduate students enrolled in various programmes—Honours in Political Science, Honours in International Relations, Master of Political Science, Master of International Relations, and Master of Strategic Studies—as well as to students in other programmes in which a course may be taken outside of their major field.

The 2020 programme coincided with the New Zealand general election. In election years, interns gain insights not only into Parliament and what it means to be an MP (and a staff member), but also into parties’ campaigns and the electoral system. In 2017, interns assisted with their MP’s election campaigns. Four of the interns ultimately contributed chapters to the 2017 election book, Stardust and Substance. Two of those students also participated in the November–January internship at the US Congress, as did two of the 2018 and 2019 parliamentary interns (for the eighth consecutive year).

Students interested in the Parliamentary Internship Programme are encouraged to consult the POLS 428 entry on the University's course finder for further information. If you're interested in taking part in the programme, contact the organiser, Professor Stephen Levine (