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Newshub: News at 6

Dr Krewel is interviewed (12:28) on anti-vaxxer influencer Chantelle Baker and Facebook shutting down her page ahead of the parliament protests on Tuesday.

New Zealand anti-vax group urges supporters to stand for councils and ‘throw weight around’

Voters urged to ‘do their homework’ after Voices for Freedom reportedly suggested potential candidates hide affiliation to the group in candidate paperwork.

The Panel with Peter Dunne and Anna Dean (Part 2)

Wallace and panellists Peter Dunne and Anna Dean interview Dr Krewel in their discussion of an anti-mandate group standing candidates in local body election.

Anti-vax group wanting to make NZ 'ungovernable' targets local body elections

Dr Mona Krewel is interviewed by Stuff on an anti-vaccination, anti-mandate group standing candidates in local body elections to “sway the results".

Podcast: Election 2020—Key social media trends

Dr Mona Krewel and Prof Jack Vowles talk about their research project analysing data from social media posts by political parties and top election candidates.

From dirty dairying to dirty campaigning? The duel between Jacinda Ardern and Judith Collins on Facebook

NZSMS looks at the 'Stardust vs the Crusher' duel going on social media.

Negative campaigning, fake news, and half-truths among the minor parties. And the question: is Advance New Zealand really ‘populist’?

This week, they shine light on the Facebook campaigns of the minor parties and their leaders, including some of those left out of the multi-leader debate.

"New Zealanders deserve a positive election," said PM Jacinda Ardern. But are they getting it?

Professor Vowles and Dr Krewel look at mobilising versus demobilising campaign techniques and the incidence of fake news and ‘half-truths’.

#nzvotes: The dynamics of campaign communication on Facebook

NZSMS research leaders analyse the information collected throughout the last four weeks of the campaign and show how the parties’ social media unfolded.