Centres, groups, and institutes

Find out about specialist research organisations associated with the School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations.

Centre for Strategic Studies

The Centre for Strategic Studies is the New Zealand anchor for research and public dialogue on strategic and security issues. The Director of the Centre is Dr David Capie.

New Zealand India Research Institute

The New Zealand India Research Institute is a national centre of Indian studies that promotes and facilitates research on India and India–New Zealand relations.

Antipodean East European Study Group

The Antipodean East European Study Group is a non-political scholarly society devoted to advancing knowledge about the peoples and cultures of Eastern Europe. The Director of the group is Dr Alexander Maxwell of the University's History programme.

Internet, Social Media, and Politics Research Lab

The Internet, Social Media and Politics Research Lab (ISPR Lab) is dedicated to understanding the increasing impact of the internet and social media on societies through research, media commentary, public outreach, and partnerships with stakeholders in politics, the media, and society. The Directors of the ISPR Lab are Dr Mona Krewel, Associate Professor Karl Löfgren, Dr Michael Daubs.