Stepanka Dvorakova

Stepanka Dvorkova


Category: International Intern 2011


As an intern at CACR I got a better understanding of what it really means to conduct psychological field research. I realised later on that I had a poor understanding of the nature of field research before my stay at Victoria University of Wellington. It was delightful to share a lab with Pollyane Diniz, Dr. Taciano Milfont's PhD student that time. While helping her collect data for her research project, I learned from her lot about the everyday little details you have to cope with when working on a PhD.

During my stay at CACR, I also prepared part of my research project regarding the relationship between social capital and subjective well-being. I discussed my research with the students in Paul Jose's positive psychology laboratory and found myself inspired by their ideas. Furthermore, I attended cross-cultural lab meetings and met many other interesting researchers and students, who were all very passionate about what they are doing.

Looking back I consider my internship at CACR a wonderful experience which gave me a taste of what is it like to conduct research and I would recommend it for anybody who is interested in research in psychology.