Isabel Richter

Isabel Richter


Category: International Intern 2012


Areas of interest

Environmental and social psychology, behaviour change, values, human-environment-relationship, consumer behaviour, environmental issues, pro-environmental activism.


During my internship I learned so much about what it takes to become a good researcher. Be it through the work with my supervisor, Taciano Milfont who showed me a lot about the long (and exhausting) research process from data collecting up to publications or be it through the CACR lab meetings where really interesting people presented their work in a very interactive way. The lab meeting help a lot to get skills in communication, constructive criticism, being analytic and become more open-minded.

I was also more introduced in the environmental psychology field and got the chance to take breaths in other areas like cross cultural psychology or neuroscience.

I really enjoyed my stay at CACR because it was the perfect mixture of autonomy and being pushed in interesting and enriching directions. Everyone was very helpful and friendly and in sum I feel like I grew up a lot during my internship, not only professionally but personally as well.