Tatjana Kovacevic


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Category: International Intern 2017

Email: tatti.kova@web.de


I studied psychology at the University of Bremen (Germany) where I completed my Bachelor’s degree. During my studies, I developed an interest for cross-cultural psychology. I am especially interested in the acculturation process and the experiences and challenges that occur, when people migrate to live in a different country.

As an intern at the CACR I was involved in two research projects conducted by my supervisor Prof. Dr. Colleen Ward, one project on Cultural Identity Styles and one project on Normative Multiculturalism. Furthermore, I attended the weekly cross-cultural lab meetings. These lab meetings were very insightful for me as they were held by different researchers from various fields.

I really enjoyed my stay at the CACR and I am very grateful for this opportunity to grow professionally as well as personally

Areas of interest

Cross-cultural Psychology; Acculturation and adaptation; Multiculturalism