Johannes Karl

  • BA Business Psychology, FhaM, Germany
  • MSc (First Class Honours) in Cross-Cultural Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington (2018)
  • PhD Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington, (2018-2021) (Supervisor: Prof Ronald Fischer ; Prof Paul Jose)


Category: Alumni


Areas of interest

Rituals, Mindfulness, Stress, Nature Connectedness, Values, Personality, Research Methods


Karl, J. A., Fischer, R., (in press). Rituals, rigidity and cognitive load: A competitive test of ritual benefits for stress. Human Nature


You can access Johannes's masters thesis here.

You can access Johannes's PhD thesis here.

The full thesis is only available to VUW staff and students via the University Library. If you would like to read this thesis, and you are not a VUW student or staff member, please contact the university library.

Research Lab association

Mind, Body, Culture, Evolution Lab