Caroline Schnelle


Category: International Intern 2018



My name is Caroline Schnelle and I am from Germany where I just finished the first year of my Master’s degree in Psychology at Jacobs University, Bremen. I applied for the internship at CACR because I have a strong interest in personal and cultural values and identities, self-construals and time perspective. Working for my supervisor Taciano Milfont enables me to expand my knowledge in these areas but also to learn more about cross-cultural applications in other fields of research, such as environmental psychology. I feel honoured being able to work in an internationally renowned team of researchers and to learn how they deal with current socially relevant topics.
I particularly enjoy the diversity of tasks you get as an intern, such as supporting your supervisor in the different stages of research (eg. literature research, data analysis, writing proposals) but also to attend lab meetings and graduate classes.

Area of interest

Environmental psychology, cross-cultural psychology