Linda Rinn

Linda Rinn


Category: International intern 2016



After completing my Bachelors Degree in the Netherlands I came to CACR to complete a voluntary internship under the supervision of Dr. Taciano Milfont. During these three months I was involved in a research project on the effects of independent and interdependent self-construals on intentions of environmental behavior. By additionally working with the CACR Team and joining their weekly meetings and cross-cultural labs I got a good look into what it would be like working as a professor and conducting my own research.

Before I came to Wellington I had planned to apply to master’s programs in clinical psychology, however during these 12 weeks my interested in cross-cultural psychology increased a lot and I am now also applying to master programs in cross-cultural psychology (Victoria University of Wellington being my number one choice!).

Areas of Interest

Cross-Cultural Psychology; Clinical Psychology.