Annick Janson

Annick Janson


  • PhD Management Systems, M.A., B.A.
  • Research Director, Microsoft New Zealand Partners in Learning (PiL)
  • Associate, Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research
  • Co-Founder Ecosynergy Group Ltd (egl)


Category: Research Associate (NZ)

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Dr. Annick Janson is the Research Director of the Microsoft New Zealand ‘Partners in Learning’ (PiL) programme. The New Zealand PiL programme is unique for its research and evaluation component. Findings from the research will elaborate on how leadership in education can make a difference and will feed directly into Microsoft’s global initiative “School of the Future”. It collaborates with schools and businesses who see the programme as a unique opportunity to add value to their organisations. This added value comes through the access to experienced teachers with specialised knowledge and skills in an effort to bridge the gap that exists between academic learning and the realities and needs of the industry workplace. Findings will demonstrate how to harness the enabling role of ICT for in different learning situations.

View a trailer of the video material collected in the Virtual Role Model project for at-risk youth to share positive stories about overcoming obstacles and learning from each other:

Our YouTube Channel includes more Virtual Role Model material.

Annick created the Migrants online network, an online discussion group developed to assist migrant find or create employment for themselves in New Zealand. This professionally moderated virtual engagement allows migrant to use existing skills and networks to develop new ones. The network is a feature of the Innovators Network. Related research developed by Drs. Annick Janson and Prue Holmes seeks to make sense of how migrants use the computer to facilitate integration and settlement.

Annick was also the inaugural Research Director of Excelerator: The New Zealand Leadership Institute at The University of Auckland Business School. In this position she was responsible for setting the Research Agenda of the Institute, establishing international collaborations and starting key research projects.

Since 2003, Annick has been Principal Investigator for the Leadership research stream carried out by the Royal Society of New Zealand. She has published a number of papers about her design of the E-learning leadership system. This system has a data base of about 300 hours of video interviews of NZ leaders who have successfully commercialised innovation. This learning platform is used by universities and global companies.

Annick has been a researcher in residence with INSEAD, a visiting research associate at the Gallup Leadership Institute, Gallup organization and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and at Harvard School of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Annick is registered with the New Zealand Psychologists Board with a double specialisation as a Clinical Psychologist and an Educational Psychologist. She has taught Psychology, Family and Systems Therapies and research methods for Psychology and the Social Sciences in over 10 Tertiaries globally. She was the recipient of the Gallup Positive Psychology Award in September 2006 in Washington D.C. for her research in Leadership Formative Experiences.

Annick was a founding trustee for the 2020 Waikato Communication Trust dedicated to facilitating ICT access to the larger community and of the Waikato Charitable Trust for Applied Behaviour Analysis dedicating to promoting applied behaviour analysis for people affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other challenging behaviour in New Zealand.

Before moving to New Zealand in 2000, Annick managed the Human Resource Department in a local branch of a multinational corporation. In all, Annick practiced in Management Consulting for 15 years. She holds a Ph.D. in Management Systems from the University of Waikato, and a M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Tel Aviv University. She holds a double registration in Clinical and Educational Psychology.

Areas of interest

Leadership in education; The social construction of leadership; Online knowledge sharing; Change management and cross-cultural leadership; Technology and the disability sector


In collaboration with the Emotionwise team at University College Berkeley, Annick will explore how research on the Cognisess online emotion test can be used towards educational purposes. Learning modules designed for specific target populations that are both fun and educational will help them build emotional intelligence capability. See for yourself -take the online test now!

Annick has been the Principal Investigator in a study commissioned by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to evaluate how Education for Enterprise in primary and secondary schools impacts on early leadership development, risk taking and innovation. The visual research report for this project was also nominated an exemplary resource in the education domain.

In 2001 Annick created a virtual platform for innovation. This online community recorded achievements such as the facilitation of a million dollar joint venture. This project attracted funding from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise funding for Enterprise Culture Skills and Activities amongst other. In collaboration with CACR, the virtual community hosted a project facilitating the integration of migrants to New Zealand by offering them a vehicle to widen their social network. Related research carried out by Drs. Annick Janson and Prue Holmes, CACR Associates was published about how migrants used the computer to facilitate integration and settlement.

Annick served on the Research Advisory Board Member of the ICEHOUSE, The University of Auckland Business School Start up and SME incubator. She completed a full term as a member of the Tertiary Education Committee (TEC) Steering Committee for Design in Business whose aim was to optimise the influx of academic thought leadership into the business community. Annick is also an Editorial board member of PRism, PR and Communication journal, Massey and was invited to be the Editor of a special edition of PRism and the Editor of a special edition of the International Journal of Learning and Change.

Annick also served two terms with the Hamilton Community Arts Council and with the Waikato District Health Board Community and Public Health Committee. She is regularly invited to contribute to Hamilton City Council initiatives and thinktanks in related areas. She was invited by the European Union as the New Zealand representative to talk to service organisations in the Health and Disability sector. We are planning a number of projects with the EU - the first of which about evaluation of service provision to people with disabilities.

Research skills : interviewing, audio-visual research methods (collection, analysis and dissemination of research).

Training skills : communicating leadership, inter-cultural management and leading change.