Why choose our halls?

Our halls offer a safe and supportive community so you can make the most of your time at university. Find out why they’re ideal for your first year of study.

Competitive pricing

Compared to first-year halls at other New Zealand universities, we offer more affordable options. For 2024, we've discounted a wide range of our catered rooms to help keep down the cost of student living.


Hall 2024 weekly price
Te Puni Village $498
Cumberland Hall from $352
Joan Stevens Hall $426


Hall 2024 weekly price
College Hall $645
Rochester & Rutherford Hall $555
Arcady Hall $577


Hall 2024 weekly price
Grafton Hall $490
University Hall $490
Waipārūrū $510

Based on information publicly available as at 10 November 2023.

A range of living options

Whether you want your own room, to share a room, or a room with shared facilities like in a flat, we have options to suit. We also offer athlete-friendly living close to the University's Recreation Centre.

Live close to campus

Get the best of both worlds—all our first-year halls of residence are an easy walk to campus, but still very close to everything Wellington city has to offer.

Wellbeing and safety

We prioritise the wellbeing and safety of our resident community—you can expect a high standard of care that sets you up well for your studies while living in our accommodation. You’ll be supported by our dedicated staff and have access to the University’s range of academic support services, as well as counselling, health, and recreation services.

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