Green Impact

Want to have fun while engaging in meaningful environmental change on campus? Become an environmental champion by joining Green Impact!

While the university tackles the big challenges with projects like the Zero Carbon Plan, as a student, you can do your bit by taking actions to minimise your impact on the planet, compete with other teams across the uni, and join the fun with Green Impact.

It can be easy to make these changes

Created by UK university student Anna D'Arcy in 2006, Green Impact now has participants from over 1500 organisations worldwide. It started at Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington in 2019 and has been growing ever since. The Green Impact programme offers an enjoyable and adaptable approach, encouraging both staff and students to collaboratively engage in sustainable practices aimed at reducing the University's environmental impact.  Students can also count their Green Impact work towards their WellingtonPlus or Wellington International Leadership Programme Certificates.

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Teams of 1+ people can choose from a variety of fun and achievable tasks, supported by helpful hints and suggestions to assist in their accomplishment. Whether it's reducing water consumption, organising a clothing swap, or reaching out to government representatives about environmental initiatives, the programme provides the necessary guidance to address everyday sustainability challenges. This flexibility allows individuals to select specific challenges and determine when to take action, creating a personalised and comprehensive sustainability program. Green Impact is designed to be easily manageable, even for students with the busiest schedules, requiring only a minimal time commitment.

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How Green Impact works
  1. Find a crew of like-minded people that are interested in making personal changes to advance sustainability issues.
  2. Register your team on the Green Impact website 
  3. You’re ready to start completing actions! Don’t forget to upload evidence and tick off the completed actions.

Learn more about Green Impact

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For more information on Green Impact, contact:

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Andrea Marsden

Sustainability Engagement Co-ordinator · Kaitaupua Toitū
Vice-Chancellor's Office · Toitūroa