Sustainability outcomes framework

Te Parahia is our collective guide to applying our core ethical values to achieve our sustainability goals.

‘Parahia’ is a Māori word that means to come out from behind a cloud, to shine clearly, and to clear away obstructions. Naming this framework ‘Te Parahia’ reflects the University’s increased focus and commitment to ‘shining a light’ on our practices and supporting a sustainable future.

At Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, we value environmental sustainability, both individually and collectively, and recognise that we have a moral imperative to do better. The University community is demanding that we do better. We have a long history of teaching and research in sustainability focused disciplines. The past two decades have also seen an increasing focus on improving our operational practices, engaging more with our communities on environmental sustainability issues and incorporating te ao Māori.

This framework brings all the functions of the University together to maximise our contribution to a sustainable future.