Growing our future

One of the best actions we can take to improve our environment is to plant native trees.

Getting started

Planting a tree and watching it grow will be a very satisfying experience. Do it right and you will need minimum intervention with maximum enjoyment. Check out our planting guide for your tree species' specific planting and care needs and join our virtual forest.

Planting tips

  • Planting is best timed so that plants can establish roots into the soil before their first summer.
  • Remove weeds and grasses from your proposed planting site at least a week before planting.
  • Before removing the plastic bag in which we have provided your tree, water the plant well.
  • Ensure that the holes you dig are of the correct size. Do not bury the stems or trunks of plants any higher or lower than to the level of the potting mix used by our nursery.
  • If planting into hard soil, add some compost to the base of the holes you have dug.
  • Ensure roots are balanced and pointing in the right direction!
  • Pack soil firmly in around the root base.
  • Water thoroughly - trees will not survive being planted in dry soil.
  • Make sure weeds do not regrow over the plant when it’s getting established.