E-bike Purchase Scheme

Cycling is a great form of low carbon transport. The E-bike Purchase Scheme is one way to help take the first step.

Victoria University of Wellington encourages students and staff to use low carbon forms of transport. E-bikes are a great solution for reducing your carbon footprint, and to help overcome the barrier of the higher cost of purchasing an e-bike, the University has partnered with EVO Cycles, Workplace Cycling Initiative to bring a huge range of e-bikes and accessories at discounted prices.


The E-bike Purchase Scheme is offered to all students and staff with a current Victoria University of Wellington ID.

The range

The E-bike Purchase Scheme has an e-bike to suit everyone. Check out the extensive range of e-bikes and accessory packages available or visit an EVO Cycles showroom.

How it works

eBike Purchase Scheme

Talk to an expert

The team from EVO Cycles are happy to answer any questions or check out the FAQ section on the website.

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More information

For more information about the E-bike Purchase Scheme contact the Sustainability Team at sustainability@vuw.ac.nz.