Just Reuse! on campus

If you can't reuse it then refuse it - join us in saying 'yes' to reusable cups on campus.

Te Herenga Waka is committed to making change, to normalising reuse, to taking responsibility for the long term impacts of our short term actions. Bring your own cup, make time to stay and drink your coffee in our local cafes, or use an Auraki returnable cup. Help save thousands of single use cups from landfill and reduce our waste.

Filmed by: Charlie Higgison, Runner Films

Trash Palace

Making progress together

The team at Trash Palace in Porirua are all about caring for our planet and keeping as much as possible out of our landfills.  They've provided cups for our Auraki - returnable cup scheme to support the campaign.

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Bring back and donate mugs

If you have borrowed an Auraki cup please return it.

If you want to donate some mugs, or jars, you can drop them off during working hours to:

  • Kelburn campus: Info Ihonui on the Ground Floor of the Hunter Building
  • Pipitea campus:   Info Ihonui on the Ground Floor of Rutherford House

Email: sustainability@vuw.ac.nz

Thank you

This initiative would not be possible without the support of the retailers on-campus: The Hunter Lounge, The Lab, Louis' Cafe, and Milk & Honey.

Thanks also to our friends at Takeaway Throwaways and UYO for helping us normalise reuse.