Study opportunities

There are courses available with sustainability content in all schools, but there are some degree programmes with a particularly strong focus on sustainability.

Sustainability in the natural environment

There are a range of programmes available at Victoria University of Wellington to study the natural environment. Investigating the Earth’s systems, conserving our natural capital and understanding how humans interact with and influence nature are core aspects of sustainability. A sustainable future requires a healthy planet.

Sustainability in the built environment

Our buildings, cities and infrastructures shape our lives and consume large quantities of natural resources. The built environment of the future will need to support stronger social cohesion and connection to nature, minimise resource consumption and help regenerate the natural environment.
The following programmes focus on these elements.

Sustainability in society

As well as conserving the natural environment, sustainable development targets well-being for everyone, which can be driven through a number of different social and cultural contexts. Sustainability requires collaboration at an international, national and local level. Building strong human connections and a healthy society is essential for a sustainable future.