Guest Lectures

Watch presentations by visiting academics.

Natural capital and ecosystem services

Ecosystem services are the benefits people derive from our natural capital.  Ecosystem services have steadily gained ground internationally, recognising that healthy ecosystems are a prerequisite for growing fair and desirable economic activities. Learn about the value of natural capital and ecosystem services and their importance in, for example, achieving the United Nations' 17 global sustainable development goals.

Featuring Professor Robert Costanza, Chair in Public Policy, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University

Are the stars aligning for sustainable development?

What challenges and opportunities do the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) present for New Zealand and the world?  Learn how applying the goals in an integrated way will allow us to work on cross-sectoral solutions, hold governments accountable and deliver on these global goals.

Featuring Professor David Griggs, Professor of Sustainable Dvelopment, Monash University, Australia and Warwick University UK.

The Anthropocene: Challenges and an agenda for the Human Age

In  2000, a new period in the history of Earth was proposed - the Anthropocene.  The new human age in Earth history has triggered a wide-ranging discourse about the fundamental relationship between humans and our planet. Learn about the origins of the Anthropocene, its scientific underpinnings and the challenges that this new geological epoch poses for contemporary human societies.

Featuring Earth System scientist Emeritus Professor Will Steffen.