Career pathways

If you want to focus on sustainability as a career there are a multiple directions you can take depending on your specific interests.

Sustainability as a response to finite resources on our planet impacts most aspects of our lives, from business and technology to environment and the social sciences. Organisations and businesses are now looking to embed sustainability across their values and practices. If you want to involve sustainability in your career pathway there are a number options open to you depending on your specific interests.

Natural environment

If you want to focus on sustainability in the natural environment, employment opportunities include:

  • Government agencies focused on conservation, environmental policy, and operation
  • local government
  • consulting firms
  • non-government organisations (NGOs)
  • research institutes.

There are a large range of roles in this field including:

climate scientist
biosecurity officer
data analyst
environmental educator
field engineer
marine biologist
research scientist
risk manager
environmental technician
environmental geologist
fisheries/fish health technician
hazard planner
laboratory technician
research scientist
science writer
water resource specialist

Built environment

If you are interested in focussing on sustainability in the built environment, employment opportunities include:

  • Government agencies (such as the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment)
  • local government
  • architectural practice
  • engineering
  • project management
  • construction.

There are many roles within this field, based on a range of qualifications:

architectural technician
building consent adviser
building researcher
building scientist

landscape architect
lighting designer
project manager
property manager
sustainable engineering systems designer
building materials consultant

Sustainability in society

If you want to focus on sustainability in society, opportunities can be found in:

  • Government agencies
  • local government
  • larger companies
  • non-government organisations
  • consultancy
  • public relations
  • public health
  • tourism
  • social services
  • education.

If you want to focus on sustainability in society, employment opportunities include:

Business development adviser
education specialist
policy advisor
policy analyst
programme manager
primary and secondary teacher

project manager
risk analyst
science writer
sustainability adviser
volunteer coordinator

You can find out more about ways to plan your career from the Careers and Employment team at the University, how to access and apply for sustainable roles with your degree and what these kind of roles involve.