Community Gardens and Food Co-ops

Help grow produce in the community gardens on campus or get your fruit and veges supplied.

Community gardens and food co-ops

We welcome you to help grow produce in our community gardens on campus or get your fruit and vegetables supplied from there.

Join our fruit and vegetable co-op and enjoy fresh and affordable produce delivered to your campus every week.

Fruit and vegetable market

VUWSA run a fruit and vege market every Wednesday in the Tim Beaglehole Courtyard during trimester 1 and 2, to make affordable and healthy food more accessible for everyone on campus.

Community gardens

Victoria University of Wellington has two student-led community gardens for those wanting to grow their own vegetables and herbs. It’s a great chance to get your hands dirty or develop a green thumb—especially if you don’t have space at home or the landlord won’t let you dig up the lawn. It’s also a great way to meet people, get some time outdoors or just unwind.

The Kelburn Student Community Garden is on the Student Union deck, opposite the VUWSA offices. Talk to the team about how you can be involved, or visit the Kelburn Student Community Garden facebook page.