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Find useful advice on improving your general writing and academic writing in English. Learn about essay structure, referencing, paraphrasing and much more.

Quick tips for writing practise:

  • Remember, writing is a process — work through each step patiently from generating ideas, through several drafts, to proofreading.
  • Study good examples of writing — what makes them good? Analyse features like style, linking words, paragraph structure.

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Essays on academic writing

Search a 'bank' of essays with comments on different topics written by students at the University of Auckland.

Intermediate Advanced NZ content

Academic writing training programme

Complete a self-managed training program from the University of New England with lots of examples, practical tasks, and feedback.


VUW academic writing exercises

Find writing exercises for self-directed study of academic paragraphs, and sample essays.

Intermediate NZ content

Essay writing

Read about essay writing in an academic context from the University of Woolongong.

Intermediate Advanced

Guide to grammar and writing

Find a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the academic writing process, with sample essays. From Capital and Community College in Hartford Australia.

Intermediate Advanced

Communication learning in practise

Go to the 'Writing' section for editing tips from the University of Queensland. Created for would-be scientists, but relevant to all academic fields.


Training modules for academic writing

Complete online modules from University of Auckland —created to help you understanding what writing at university involves and what’s expected of you.

Intermediate NZ content

OWL writing lab

Find a comprehensive resource from Perdue University for all kinds of writing, including subject-specific academic writing and job application documents.

Intermediate Advanced

Writing for subjects

Read detailed information from Monash University about general, academic, and subject-specific writing including sample essays.

Intermediate Advanced

Writing templates and guidelines

Find recommended structures, templates, and practise tasks for all genres of writing, including academic from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Intermediate Advanced


Create your own story inspired by an interesting photo of your choice.