Safety for visitors

When you visit any of Victoria University of Wellington’s campuses you need to be aware of the potential hazards—from shared access ways to construction sites. 

Follow these simple guidelines to keep yourself and others safe during your visit to the University, and make your visit a pleasant one.

Safety on campus

Before coming onto campus or visiting any of the University’s premises, including halls of residence, let your University contact person know when you will be arriving.

Be responsible for your own safety at all times.

Follow all Health and Safety instructions, notices, signs, procedures and processes and the guidance of your University contact person.

If you hear a fire alarm, our wardens and Campus Care staff are identifiable by high visibility vests or uniform and will assist the evacuation.

Find out more about what to do in an emergency.

University campuses are sites for working and living

University premises are operational sites and some areas or activities are not suitable for everyone, such as children.

There are some restricted areas at the University that need special permission, and in some cases training, to access them.

Remember that if you are visiting a hall of residence it is someone’s home as well as a workplace.

Contractors and staff are working around the University and you might come across their work areas while visiting. Watch out for hazard barriers, signs and workers, and do not enter work sites.

Access roads and driving at the University

A number of access roads at the University are shared pathways for pedestrians. Be aware of your surroundings and look out for site traffic, such as delivery vehicles, when crossing roads.

If you are driving a vehicle on site take extra care. Pedestrians may be distracted and fail to notice your vehicle. Do not exceed the 15 kilometre per hour speed limit.

Other University hazards

You might come across the following hazards at the University:

  • high volumes of people, including congestion at busy times
  • activities or materials related to adult themes
  • noise from work sites or events
  • construction work sites and repair and maintenance work
  • people working at heights on buildings
  • uneven surfaces on walkways and pathways
  • parts of the Kelburn Campus are next to steep embankments and can be exposed to strong winds.