Working around University hours

The University is in use at all times, day and night. Find out when it’s best to carry out your work.

Most sites are accessible to the University community at all times—work with your University liaison to coordinate your work so that it has minimal impact.

Your work cannot interrupt classes, lectures or the use of laboratories, performance studios or other research or learning spaces. Many buildings are also used outside of normal business hours—for lectures and classes, public events, or study and research.

Because the University is in constant use all work requires the same controls and risk mitigations as if the work was undertaken during the day, and long-term or large-scale disruptive work must be planned for periods outside the teaching and learning calendar.

Working out of usual business hours

Usual business hours for most of the University are between 8.30am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Libraries are open until midnight on weekdays and 10pm on weekend days, and Rutherford House on Pipitea campus is heavily booked for evening courses.

If you need to work after hours to complete a work order that has been assigned to you, or the work you need to do is best done after hours to reduce the impact to our building occupants (e.g. it is noisy, disrupts building access or isolates/shuts down a key building service), you must organise this with the relevant Facilities Manager at least 48 hours in advance.

Note: This does not apply for after hours callouts or emergency repairs. For emergency repairs, please ensure the relevant Facilities Manager is kept up to date with progress at all times, including any work required for completion after hours.

If you are considering work out of usual business hours:

  • cordons and normal risk mitigations must remain in place
  • you are required to contact Campus Security when entering and leaving the Campus on 04 463 5398
  • you must arrange with your University liaison to advise building occupants and nearby residences, if they are likely to be affected
  • you must check that your work complies with Wellington City Council bylaws
  • all noisy work must comply with Wellington City Council noise restrictions.