Contractor car parking

Parking is limited on all University campuses. We encourage University visitors to travel by foot or public transport.

On all campuses there are service parks for all service contractors that have two hour parking limits.

A Wilson car parking inspector regularly patrols University premises and will issue parking infringement notices. These will not be reimbursed by the University.

If you are working on a long-term project, work with your University liaison to arrange your carparking needs.

Visitor parking

The University has three types of parks for its contractors across its campuses:

  • Loading zone parks
    Loading zone carparks are to be used solely for the loading and unloading of materials, tools or equipment. These are not to be parked in while doing work.
  • Service parks
    To be used by only while doing work at the University. Service parks have a two-hour time limit, are free, and are located around all the University’s campuses. These parks can be identified by the service park signs.
  • Paid parking
    For Kelburn campus, there is paid parking available on Waiteata Road adjacent to the campus. For all other campuses, there is paid council parking available nearby.

Driving on University property

All drivable areas on University property are shared access ways. This means that they are used by both vehicle and pedestrians.

  • There is a 15km speed limit for all vehicles accessing our campuses.
  • As some of our roads are shared with pedestrians, please drive slowly, with care and always give way to pedestrians.
  • When driving on campus please adhere to all signage and parking directions to avoid causing disruption to traffic flow.
  • Vehicles must not be parked over pedestrian walkways or in front of emergency exits