Preparing for an emergency

Get prepared for an emergency so you can better help yourself and the people around you.

    Prepare on campus

    There are several ways you can prepare for an emergency on campus:

  • Get familiar with the emergency instructions around campus and in offices.
  • Find out where the nearest exits are around the places you spend time at.
  • If you are at Pipitea Campus, WUCEL, Miramar Creative Centre or Robinson and Ferrier Research Institutes, know your tsunami evacuation route.
  • If you work at the University, make sure you have an emergency kit including water, food, medication, basic first aid supplies and other items you know you will need in an emergency. Check your kit annually and change the water and anything that has an expired “use by” date.

Prepare at home

You should also prepare for an emergency at home:

Make a household emergency plan. It can include things like how children will get home or where you will meet them, how you will communicate with others outside your home, where you’ll get updates from, and what medication or other essentials you’ll need to always keep on hand.

You need to plan to be self-sufficient at home for at least three days. Make sure you have enough food, water, medication and other essential supplies to get you through

Get Ready website – Make a household plan