Access to restricted areas

To complete your work, you may need a master key to access a restricted area. Find out how to get a master key or swipe card.

Most areas of the University campuses can be accessed without security cards. However, to complete your work you may need a master key to access a restricted area.

To be issued master keys or swipe cards you must have attended the University contractor induction within the last 12 months. Your University liaison will tell you what security information they need from you and speak with Campus Security about access requirements before the key or card can be issued. Master keys are only issued by Campus Security at the Kelburn or Pipitea campuses.

When you use a master key or swipe card to access a restricted area, you are responsible for maintaining the security of that area. Doors must not be left open or unlocked.

Restricted areas

Risks in restricted areas are varied and require specific risk mitigations. You must discuss the risks and possible mitigations with your University liaison before accessing one of these spaces.

Restricted areas include:

  • plant rooms
  • services risers
  • IT and equipment cupboards
  • service tunnels
  • roofs and balcony
  • lift motor rooms and lift shafts
  • basements
  • internal wall, ceiling or floor cavities
  • roofs.